Just "a few words" about GTA VI

Diskutiere Just "a few words" about GTA VI im Allgemeines Forum im Bereich GTA Online; Hello, people. I believe true fans should know what's going on with their favourite game, so let me share "a few words" about GTA VI. ...

Thema: Just "a few words" about GTA VI

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    Just "a few words" about GTA VI

    Hello, people.

    I believe true fans should know what's going on with their favourite game, so let me share "a few words" about GTA VI.

    It's WIP and coming later than expected. Anyway, the work is in full swing. Many features in a stage of confirmation and may be changed. The story will be based on United States-Latin American Relations divided into chapters similar to RDR2 as it could focus players more on the story. We would like to tell another story based on modern relationship between Vice City and Carribean countries: How in just a few decades, Vice City has been tranformed from a sleepy Southern city into an energetic Hispanic metropolis and the capital of affluent Latin America. It's a great possibility to show the culture of mixed Cubans, Latinas and American people, their hierarchy, life, morals and compete with the modern American pop culture, and ironic it as we can. The other side of story is based on legal and illegal family businesses, drug wars inside the cartels, corrupted police, judges and other officials.

    There will be two playable characters, working on different people, being unfamiliar to each other from the beginning but once they met with being substituted in one of the chapters by the third side. Common revenge, leading with loyalty to their families being deceived is what will accompany the characters. Through the deadly obstacles, intrigues and investigations, the characters have to decide who will stay afloat and who "will go" to feed the fish.

    As for the rest, be patient and you'll be rewarded next year.


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    Hallo hardus77,

    schau dir mal diesen Guide an! Das sollte dir helfen.
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    Wo kommen eigentlich im Moment die ganzen Englisch Sprechenden User her?

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    It's a german speaking forum.
    That's the reason for closing this thread.


    Keine Ahnung.

Just "a few words" about GTA VI

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